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Lashes & Brows

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Lash & Brow Colour

Our Augenmanufaktur colors are manufactured in the EU and meet the highest quality standards. The eyebrow and eyelash tints are perfect for adding to your beauty salon's product range. Another advantage is that you can generate additional sales by tinting eyebrows and eyelashes. The colors can be mixed with each other and the lash & brow lift products build on each other.

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Oxidant gelOxidant gel
Oxidant gel Sale price€3,50
Brow Henna TubesBrow Henna Tubes
(3.0)Brow Henna Tubes Sale price€4,50
Colour Lash & BrowColour Lash & Brow
Colour Lash & Brow Sale price€4,50
Colour Lash & Brow Basic KitColour Lash & Brow Basic Kit
Colour Lash & Brow KitColour Lash & Brow Kit
(4.0)Colour Lash & Brow Kit Sale price€38,00
Colour Lash & Brow Pro KitColour Lash & Brow Pro Kit
Lash Cover Pads
(5.0)Lash Cover Pads Sale price€7,00
Oxidant 3% Cream AM
(5.0)Oxidant 3% Cream AM Sale price€5,50
Make-up Remover AM
Make-up Remover AM Sale price€5,50
Paint Stain Remover AM
Lashclean Kit
(5.0)Lashclean Kit Sale priceFrom €10,00
Lashpoo - Eye Make-up Remover
Cleaning brush
Cleaning brush Sale price€4,00
Sold outCleaning bottleCleaning bottle
Cleaning bottle Sale price€3,00
double fillerdouble filler
(4.8)double filler Sale price€29,00
Lamination Sale priceFrom €30,00
Eyebrow & Eyelash ColorEyebrow & Eyelash Color
Micelles Eye Make-Up RemoverMicelles Eye Make-Up Remover
Oxidant 3% Cream
Oxidant 3% Cream Sale price€7,50
Oxidant 3% Liquid
(4.5)Oxidant 3% Liquid Sale price€6,50
Paint stain removerPaint stain remover
(5.0)Paint stain remover Sale price€11,60
silicone padssilicone pads
silicone pads Sale price€12,50
Eyelash curlerEyelash curler
Eyelash curler Sale priceFrom €3,50
Sold outSensitive Eyebrow & Eyelash ColorSensitive Eyebrow & Eyelash Color
Hand mixer
(5.0)Hand mixer Sale price€15,00
Professional dye brushProfessional dye brush
Professional dye brush Sale priceFrom €1,50
Cleaning Sticks
(5.0)Cleaning Sticks Sale price€5,50
Microbrush sticksMicrobrush sticks
(4.5)Microbrush sticks Sale price€5,50
Silicone brushesSilicone brushes
(4.9)Silicone brushes Sale priceFrom €9,00
All-in1 BrushAll-in1 Brush
(5.0)All-in1 Brush Sale priceFrom €2,00
Duo BrushDuo Brush
Duo Brush Sale priceFrom €5,00
Color bowl duo
Color bowl duo Sale price€2,00
Silicone palette
Silicone palette Sale price€16,00
(5.0)Dappenglas Sale price€2,00
Color bowl
(5.0)Color bowl Sale price€1,00
Browista ToolkitBrowista Toolkit
Browista Toolkit Sale price€13,00
Duo Timer
(5.0)Duo Timer Sale price€12,00
(4.8)Timer Sale price€9,00
Brow ScrubBrow Scrub
Brow Scrub Sale priceFrom €12,50
Cleaning pads for eyelash glueCleaning pads for eyelash glue
Adhesive ringsAdhesive rings
Adhesive rings Sale price€1,00
Eyelash brushEyelash brush
(5.0)Eyelash brush Sale price€5,50
Eyelash brush silicone
Eyelash brush silicone Sale price€6,50
Eyelash brush 2goEyelash brush 2go
Eyelash brush 2go Sale price€3,50
Measuring ruler for eyebrows
Brow Tint KitBrow Tint Kit
Brow Tint Kit Sale price€10,50
Tray trayTray tray
Tray tray Sale price€4,00
Silicone Tray
Silicone Tray Sale price€12,00